Beonstone concept offers a truly unique design. Some simple material is all you require to complete stylish and durable interior or exterior projects. Light and easy to use, with Beonstone architectural panels, installation has never been easier. Simply clip in place and screw—that’s all it takes. No mortar, no glue, no mess.

The D.RAIN system is an innovative technology with unequalled performance. Built into the back of every panel automatically aligns, blocks and anchors the panel and provides for safe drainage in the event of water infiltration.

Beonstone architectural panels are remarkably durable and are guaranteed for 50 years.

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Colour Options

Classic - Cameo, Classic - Carbo, Classic - Grapho, Classic - Tero, Canyon - Cameo, Canyon - Carbo, Canyon - Tero, Element - Carbo, Element - Ovo, Element - Oxo
Classic - Cameo
Classic - Carbo
Classic - Grapho
Classic - Tero
Canyon - Cameo
Canyon - Carbo
Canyon - Tero
Element - Carbo
Element - Ovo
Element - Oxo


Inspired from authentic natural stone, our range of products reproduces perfectly the natural appearance that we all look for. Available in three popular colours, each of our three finishes harmonizes with most existing materials for a spectacular result! A harmonious arrangement consists of a balanced marriage of different textures, shapes and colours of architectural elements.

  • Classic - Classic and timeless, this style connects the traditional beauty of the stone with modern elegance.
    • Tero
    • Carbo
    • Cameo
    • Grapho
  • Canyon - Inspired by nature and wide open spaces, the canyon shape and contours offer great versatility to enhance any decor or architectural concept.
    • Cameo
    • Carbo
    • Tero
  • Element - The inspiration of contemporary architecture has resulted in a sleek and modern profile. Element, both pure and aesthetic.
    • Ovo
    • Oxo
    • Carbo


  • Easy to install
  • Economic
  • Imitates perfectly the look of natural stone
  • Built against the patented water infiltration D. Rain
  • Guaranteed 50 years
  • Each panel is self-supporting
  • Unlike masonry, the panels require no foundation or special media like masonry
  • Installs quickly without glue mortar are
  • Allows the addition of compressed insulation board

Available Profiles

  • Classic
  • Canyon
  • Element


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