Our “About Us” is all about you.

Founded in 1989 and located throughout Canada, Royal Building Solutions has made a name for itself by being more than a faceless distributor of building materials. We grow relationships by efficiently meeting your needs. That means getting you the products you need, not just the ones we stock.

Prompt, accurate orders are the result of people who listen and take an interest in your business. Our success is measured by how well we work together.

We provide:

  • Friendly customer service that actually hears you-in person, on the phone and online
  • The right building materials at the right time: every happy customer motivates us to outdo ourselves
  • Useful product guide information that helps, and additional help whenever needed
  • All the tools, training and support you need
  • Experienced, knowledgeable employees who do their best to get you the answers you need


Our People

These are the individuals dedicated to helping our customers grow business and increase revenue. Discover how seriously they take their mission.



How We Define Service

We've all seen and heard the word "service" tossed around so many times that it means far less than it should. For us, service means everything and extends to everything from relationships to innovation.

Giving Back


Learn more about our Accessibility Multi-Year Plan and Customer Service policies.