John Manville - AP Foil-faced Foam Insulation

If your residential and commercial customers are fans of energy efficiency, raise your hand. Or just use Johns Manville AP (All Purpose) Foil. It’s a rigid, lightweight and non-corrosive foam sheathing that loves energy efficiency. Inch for inch, AP Foil has one of the highest energy efficiencies. When expertly installed as part of a Johns Manville wall system it makes one of the best water-resistive barriers and class I vapor retarders you’ll find anywhere.

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John Manville - AP Foil-faced Foam Insulation

Features & Benefits

High R-value per inch – Thinner more energy efficient walls resulting in lower energy usage.
Fire resistance properties – Meets both the residential and commercial building code requirements.
East to install – Use standard household tools with little or no dust.

Improved performance
One board with two facers, one opaque for vinyl siding and one silver for all other siding.
Exterior continuous insulations reduce thermal bridging between studs.
Once installed it is maintenance free.

Warranty Process

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