Royal® Shutters, Mounts & Vents

Today’s customers expect the details that finish their home to live up to the siding, moulding and trim that surround them. We don’t blame them. That’s why Royal® shutters, mounts and vents have the unique design features that make them practically pleasing for building professionals and aesthetically awe-inspiring for homeowners.

Product Options

Royal® Shutters, Mounts & Vents

Features & Benefits

Versatility – All items can be used by vinyl siding, insulated siding and fiber cement
Finished Look – The 2-piece design for most our mounts and vents allows the installation to be completed without having the right colors. Patented internal snap lock system allows easy installation in all of these sidings.
Color Matched to most of the major siding brands including Royal, Gentek, Kaycan, Mitten, JH
Easy ordering – No up-charge to ordering one unit at a time. 

Benefits of Royal® Shutters

One piece Heavy Duty Injection Molded Shutters
Popular Sizes – 12” and 15” width (Both OL/RP), 17 different lengths
Popular colors – 15 colors to choose from
Dual Fasteners - Packaged with Screws & Caps for any installation need

Warranty Process

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If you want submit a claim please visit or contact the claims department by phone 1-800-387-2799 and request a claims package.